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Tech lover and out-of-the-box thinker

Hi there

My name is Julian Meier and I have been developing software passionately since I was 16.

Back in ninth grade, I watched a senior-year student develop his webshop. I was fascinated by this seemingly strange world and started to teach myself HTML and CSS in order to be able to develop my own websites.

Since then, my fascination with software development has been unbroken. After a few smaller websites that I created for acquaintances and relatives, larger projects followed. As part of my dual studies, I had the opportunity to familiarize myself with the native development of iOS apps and thus to expand my expertise.

Today I am working as a freelance software developer specializing in creating and designing mobile apps and WordPress templates for all types of devices. I am also working at IBITECH AG where I am responsible for developing a mobile client for their clinical software solution IBI-care.

"Developing software for me is like playing LEGO - there are endless possibilities to be creative."

Interested in working with me?

Are you looking for a developer for your mobile enterprise applications or would you like to realize your own app idea? Are you still looking for a competent and flexible developer for your next web project?

Great, I am glad you came by! I am a passionate freelance mobile app and web developer who is always motivated to work on interesting and challenging projects. Just send me a message or visit the website of my venture Flocbit Software and I am sure we will find the best possible solution.

Flocbit Software was founded with the aim of developing software solutions of the highest quality.

We offer native iOS development services in Swift as well as development of native hybrid and web apps for mobile devices. Besides, we are specialized in the development of templates and individual solutions for the world's most widely used content management system WordPress.


8 Years of Experience


March 2010 - Now

Web and mobile app developer


At the age of 16 I started developing websites for friends and relatives. Over time, I specialized in developing templates for the blogging system WordPress, based on which I created several private and corporate websites. In addition, I develop native, mobile iOS apps as well as hybrid and web apps for all common device types.

August 2017 - Now

App developer

IBITECH AG, Muenchenstein (Switzerland)

For the simplified recording of medical services, I am currently developing a mobile client for IBI-care with which the clinic staff can record medical services via voice input.

September 2014 - July 2017

iOS developer

meteoblue AG, Basel (Switzerland)

As the sole iOS developer at meteoblue AG, I taught myself the programming language Swift. I was assigned to develop meteoblue for iOS, a mobile application for global weather forecasting. Since it's first release on the App Store the app has grown quite a lot. Currently almost 150,000 users worldwide use it every month.


2015 - Now

Study of Business Informatics

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Loerrach

In the fall of 2015, I started studying Business Information Systems. Both software development and fundamentals of business administration where part of the curriculum. Particularly interesting were new technologies such as mobile apps, IoT and robotics.

2014 - 2015

Study of Computer Science

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Loerrach

In the fall of 2014, I began my dual studies in computer science. After two semesters, however, I realized that the subjects of the study did not coincide with my interests and so I switched to business information systems.

2013 - 2014

Stay abroad in Canada

After graduation, I traveled through Canada and the US for ten months to get to know the country and its people. With the help of occasional jobs as well as remote software development projects, I was able to travel and work independently.


High School

Waldorf School Markgräflerland

At the age of 20, I finished school with the general German university entrance qualification called Abitur.

App development skills




React Native

Web development skills








A selection of my work
Stay In My Pocket
Stay In My Pocket
Mobile Applications
meteoblue for iOS
meteoblue for iOS
Mobile Applications
City of Heitersheim
City of Heitersheim
Web Development
Adventure Trails Ehrenkirchen
Adventure Trails Ehrenkirchen
Web Development
VIA Bau GmbH
VIA Bau GmbH
Web Development
Mediation Muellheim
Mediation Muellheim
Web Development


Get in Touch

Get in touch

Whether you have questions, suggestions or are interested in working with me, feel free to write or call me.

You can contact me on most popular social networks or you can email me directly using the contact form on the right.

In any case, I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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